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Trade NameSupplier NameFunction
Optiphen ND Ashland LLCPreservative
Optiphen Plus Ashland LLCPreservative
Oxaban A The Dow Chemical CompanyPreservative
Oxaban E The Dow Chemical CompanyPreservative
Phenochem NIB Coast Southwest Inc.Preservative
Phenonip Clariant Int., Ltd.Preservative
Phenosept 25P Clariant Int., Ltd.Antimicrobial, Preservative
Phenoxetol Clariant Int., Ltd.Preservative
Phenoxyethanol TRI-K IndustriesPreservative
Phenoxyethanol McKinley Resources Inc.Preservative
Phenoxyethanol Coast Southwest Inc.Preservative
Plantservative Powder Campo Research Antimicrobial, Preservative
Plantservative WSr Campo Research Antimicrobial, Preservative
Polioxol F-01 BASF SEPreservative
Polyaminopropyl Biguanide Coast Southwest Inc.Preservative
Potassium Sorbate TRI-K IndustriesPreservative
Potassium sorbate Merck KGaAPreservative
Potassium Sorbate FCC TRI-K IndustriesPreservative
Propylparaben CellMark USAPreservative
Propylparaben Coast Southwest Inc.Preservative
Protachem NA2-P Protameen Chemicals Inc.Preservative
Rosemary Extract, 10% carnosic acid Draco Natural Products Inc.Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Anti-wrinkle, Preservative
SabiLize - Natural Preservative Bend SabinsaAntimicrobial, Preservative
Salicylic Acid Newport Industries LtdAcne Treatment, Emollient, Exfoliant, Preservative
Salicylic acid Merck KGaAAcne Treatment, Anti-inflammatory, Preservative
Saliguard COS Salicylates and Chemicals Pvt., Ltd.Preservative
Sepilift DPHP SeppicPreservative
Sharomix 300 Sharon Laboratories Ltd.Preservative
Sharomix 331 Coast Southwest Inc.Preservative
Sharomix 431 Sharon Laboratories Ltd.Preservative