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Trade NameSupplier NameFunction
Synthetic Candelilla Wax The International GroupBinder, Emollient, Gellant, Glosser, Thickener, Delivery System, Film Former
Unispheres WNRM-665VSBi Givaudan Active BeautyDelivery System
Unisphere WNRM-558SBi Givaudan Active BeautyDelivery System
Vecorexin Protective Lipotec SADelivery System, Anti-aging
Vegetable Melanin Active Concepts LLCCellulite Treatment, Antiseptic, Binder, Blood Circulation Agent-Skin, Emollient, Exfoliant, Hair Waving, Neutralizer, Delivery System
Volarest Croda Europe Ltd.Suspending Agent, Delivery System, Rheology Modifier
Xpertmoist Lipotec SAMoisturizer, Delivery System
YOIL Sarnaya - XylomeLubricant, Moisturizer, Skin Smoothing, Delivery System
YOIL-Cream Sarnaya - XylomeMoisturizer, Delivery System