Glucamate VLT Thickener

Glucamate VLT thickener is a vegetable-derived, highly effective associative thickener for mild surfactant formulations. Being a liquid, it can be used in cold processing. This versatile nonionic thickener is compatible with most ingredients used in today's liquid surfactant systems. Glucamateā„¢ VLT thickener is ideally suited for formulating baby and elder-care products due to its ability to reduce the skin and eye irritation of many common surfactants. This thickener also provides luxurious sensory properties through the formation of a rich, creamy lather and a light, emollient afterfeel.

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  • Feel Enhancer
  • Gellant
  • Rheology Modifier
  • Stabilizer-Viscosity
  • Thickener


Hair Care

  • Cleansing


  • Cleansing


  • Plant/Botanical