Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid

CAS #: 57-11-4 5711

Cosmetic Ingredient Review: 013

JCIC: 002220 41

Solubility: 7.74

EINECs: 200-313-4

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UV Cut TiO2-55-AC is a 55% dispersion of ultrafine titanium dioxide in C12-15 alkyl benzoate and...
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UV Cut TiO2-55-CG is a 55% dispersion of ultrafine titanium dioxide in caprlyic/capric triglyceride....
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UV-Titan M160 Kemira Pigments Oy
VStearin Vantage Oleochemicals
VStearin 4911 stearic acid
VStearin Vantage Oleochemicals
VStearin 4951 NF Stearic Acid "for external use only" - bulk or flake
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