Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol

CAS #: 57-55-6 5755

Cosmetic Ingredient Review: FNL

JCIC: 002328 41

Solubility: 14.00

EINECs: 200-338-0

Hydrophil Lipophil Balance: 9.4

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6810717 Covation Bio PDO
Acacia Collagen PF Lipoid Kosmetik AG
A plant-derived skin moisturizer with in vivo claims substantiation data and with similar properties...
Acifructol Complex P 63 Gattefossé SAS
Acifructol Complex P 67 Gattefossé SAS
Acifructol Tomato P 62 Gattefossé SAS
Actipone Angelica Root (Dang Gui) Symrise, Inc.
Actipone Angelica Root (Dang Gui) contains the extract of Angelica polymorpha Maxim. Var. sinensis...
Actipone Bengkoang Symrise, Inc.
Actipone Bengkoang is a water-soluble extract that is easy to use in cosmetic formulations. The...
Actipone Green Rooibos Symrise AG
This botanical has antioxidant and hair conditioning properties.
Actipone Oats Symrise, Inc.
Actipone Oats is a water-soluble extract that is easy to use in cosmetic formulations. Oat used for...
Albacan Bio-Botanica Inc.
Almond Milk Extract Crodarom SAS
Aloe Frais HG Biosil Technologies
The gel extracted from aloe is rich in trace elements (Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn), amino-acids, sterols...
Aloe-Moist Terry Laboratories LLC
Amber Extract MS Provital SA
The primary characteristic actives in amber are terpenes and succinic acid. These contain...
Amidex LD-8 Chemron Corp.
Amidex LD-8 Surfactant Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Amidex LD-8 Surfactant Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Aminoefaderma Vevy Europe Spa
A.P.S. LS 8425 BASF SE
Arlasilk EFA Croda
Arlasilk EFA Croda
Derived from natural safflower oil, an Essential Fatty Acid carrier, with a broad range of...
Arnica HG Biosil Technologies
Asebiol BT BASF SE
Bio-Bustyl PH Sederma
Bio-Bustyl is a bust and body firming complex.
Biofruits Brasil Chemyunion Quimica Ltda
This combination of Brazilian fruits nourishes the skin. It is a water soluble composition balanced...
Biopeptide CL Sederma
Biopeptide CL stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycans synthesis to diminish wrinkles.
Biophytex LS 8740 BASF SE
BioPlex RNA PF Lonza Home & Personal Care
Biosil Basics SMC Biosil Technologies
Biosil Basics SMC is a skin moisture complex designed to increase moisture balance and retention in...
Black Covasop W9774 Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Blue Algae Extract Engelhard Corp.
Bronidox L BASF SE
Bronidox L 5 BASF SE
Brown Covasop W8770 Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Caomint CEP (Solabia Group)
Caophenol CEP (Solabia Group)
Cellulinol Laboratoires ProdHyg
Ceramiane Presperse, Inc.
Ceraphyl 70 Ashland LLC
Chamomile Matricaire HG Biosil Technologies
Matricaria displays anti-inflammatory properties due to bisabolol oxides and flavonoids, astringent...
Cithrol GMO 50 Croda
ClariTea CEP (Solabia Group)
Cocoa Phytolait Alban Muller USA
Cola Det PLC Colonial Chemical Inc.
Cola Quat L-35 Colonial Chemical Inc.
Cola Quat PHC Colonial Chemical Inc.
Complex NR CEP (Solabia Group)
Complex Relax CEP (Solabia Group)
Confetti II Dermal Delivery Flakes United-Guardian Inc.
Creagel HS The Innovation Company
Creagel MS The Innovation Company
Cremophor RH-410 BASF AG
Crodarom Fruitliquid Pomegranate Croda
This economically oriented range is ideal for supporting vitality and well-being claims, or for...
Crodarom Rock Crystal Croda
Around the world, gemstones have a tremendous reputation as a symbol of perfect beauty, shine,...
CustoCide G2 Custom Ingredients, LLC
CustoCide K100 Custom Ingredients, LLC
CustoCide™ K 100 is based on a combination of Chloromethyl-/Methylisothiazolinone and Benzylic...
CustoCide G-2 Custom Ingredients, LLC
CustoGaia Chamomile Custom Ingredients, LLC
CustoGaia CUC Custom Ingredients, LLC
CustoNatural HMP Custom Ingredients, LLC
Hair Moisturizing Complex
CustoSense Lemonfruit Custom Ingredients, LLC
Cytobiol Iris A Gattefossé SAS
Dehyquart L80 BASF SE
Dekaben DMM Jan Dekker International
Dekacydol Jan Dekker International
Deo-Usnate Lipoid Kosmetik AG
A natural deodorant active; water-free; has application in deodorants, foot care preparations, etc.
Dermo Fruit Lemon Esperis SpA
Dermo Fruit Orange Esperis SpA
Dermo Fruit Passion Fruit Esperis SpA
Dermo Fruit Tangerine Esperis SpA
Dicopamine DP Phoenix Chemical Inc.
D-Panthenol 50P BASF AG
Emulsogen HCP 049 Clariant Int., Ltd.
Energisome Q10 PH Sederma
This vectorized coenzyme Q10 stimulates cell respiration.
Epigran Syn Pharma GmbH
Etha-Silk EEHS Lonza Home & Personal Care
Eucomia Ulmoides Bark Extract Draco Natural Products Inc.
Euperlan PL-1000 BASF SE
euxyl K 720 Ashland LLC
This mild preservative is globally approved for leave-on and rinse-off products; it must be used at...
Evosina Na2 GP Variati Srl
Sodium salt of usnic acid extracted from Lichens (genus Usnea), vehicled in propylene glycol
Extrapone Acai Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Acai is an aqueous glycolic extract. Extrapone products are soluble in water, easy and...
Extrapone Almond Milk Symrise AG
Extrapone Almond Milk N Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Almond Milk N is an aqueous glycolic extract. Extrapone products are soluble in water,...
Extrapone Aloe Vera B Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Aloe Vera B is an aqueous glycolic extract. Extrapone products are soluble in water, easy...
Extrapone Bamboo P Symrise AG
Extrapone Camomile CL B Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Camomile CL B contains the water of Matricaria recutita L. blossoms prepared in propylene...
Extrapone Cinnamon Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Cinnamon contains the extract of Cinnamomum ceylanicum bark prepared in water and...
Extrapone Coconut Symrise AG
Extrapone Coconut Milk N Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Coconut Milk N is an aqueous glycolic extract. Extrapone products are soluble in water,...
Extrapone Coconut Milk N Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Coconut Milk N contains the extract of Cocos nucifera L. rasps and milk powder prepared in...
Extrapone Cucumber Symrise AG
Extrapone Ginkgo Biloba Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Ginkgo Biloba contains the extract of Ginkgo biloba L. leaves prepared in water and...
Extrapone Ginkgo Biloba Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone® Ginkgo Biloba contains the extract of Ginkgo biloba L. leaves prepared in water and...
Extrapone Guarana Symrise AG
Extrapone Hibiscus Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Hibiscus contains the extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. flowers prepared in water and...
Extrapone Iris B Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Iris B contains the extract of Iris germanica L. roots prepared in a mixture of water and...
Extrapone Oats Symrise AG
Extrapone Orchid Symrise, Inc.
Product Description: Extrapone Orchid contains an extract from the whole orchid plant prepared in...
Extrapone Peppermint Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Peppermint contains the extract of Mentha piperita L. leaves prepared in water and...
Extrapone Peppermint Symrise AG
Extrapone Sage Symrise AG
Extrapone Seaweed Symrise AG
Extrapone Witch Hazel Dist. Colorless Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Witch Hazel Dist. Colorless is an aqueous glycolic extract. Extrapone products are soluble...
Flowerpone Jasmine Symrise, Inc.
Flowerpone Jasmine contains a preservative free, concentrated extract of jasmine blossoms prepared...
Flowerpone Lavender Symrise, Inc.
Flowerpone Lavender contains a preservative free, concentrated extract of lavender blossoms prepared...
Fondix G Bis Gattefossé SAS
Frangipany Phytolait Alban Muller USA
Fruitapone Apple B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Grape White B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Lime B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Orange B Symrise AG
Fruitapone Raspberry B Symrise AG
FSS Green Tea Extract Formulator Sample Shop, LLC
FSS Green Tea Extract is intended for use in both hair and skin care systems including hair serums...
Germaben II Ashland LLC
Germaben II-E Ashland LLC
Gleditschia GREENTECH
Glucamate LT Thickener Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Glucamate LT thickener is a vegetable-derived, highly effective associative thickener. Being a low...
Glycolic Extract RUP CEP (Solabia Group)
Glycolysat Extract Series CEP (Solabia Group)
Glycolysat of 7 Cereals CEP (Solabia Group)
Green Tea Herbasol Extract PG PF Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Extract from green tea with independent in vitro data to show protection of keratinocytes against...
Griffinol DPG Low Odor Griffin International Incorporated
This product is low odor and can be used in cosmetics and fragrance.
GU-61 Standard Herbasol Complex Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Combination of active agents derived from licorice and alpine lichen for general skin care,...
Hydralphatine 3P Atrium Biotechnologies
Hydralphatine Asia Essencia, Aetherische Oele AG
Hydroxan Atrium Biotechnologies
Hydroxan CH Atrium Biotechnologies
Hydrumines Calendula Exsymol
Hydrumines Centella Asiatica Exsymol
Hydrumines Horsetail Exsymol
Hydrumines Houblon Exsymol
Hydrumines Liquorice Exsymol
Hydrumines Sage Exsymol
Ichtyocollagen PH Sederma
This product is a film-forming and moisturizing native marine collagen.
InfraGuard Mibelle Biochemistry
Irgasan PG 60 BASF SE
Keratoline C PS Sederma
LanCos Lansdowne Chemicals PLC
LanCos OQEMA Flavour & Fragrance Ingredients
Liporeductyl CPK Lipotec SA
Liporeductyl is a unique new solution to the problem of fighting cellulite. Unlike previous...
LIPOREDUCTYL functional ingredient Lipotec USA, Inc.
This pro-liposome was manufactured as a multi-extrusion composite of classical anti-cellulite...
Liposerve DUP Vantage Personal Care
Liquid Germall Plus Ashland LLC
Lotus Phytolait Alban Muller USA
Lowenol Conditioner 288 Lowenstein, Jos. H. & Sons Inc.
Lubrajel CG Ashland LLC
Lubrajel CG United-Guardian Inc.
Lubrajel DV Ashland LLC
Lubrajel DV United-Guardian Inc.
Lubrajel MS Ashland LLC
Lubrajel MS United-Guardian Inc.
Lubrajel Oil Ashland LLC
Lubrajel Oil United-Guardian Inc.
Lubrajel TW Ashland LLC
Lubrajel TW United-Guardian Inc.
Lubrajel WA Ashland LLC
Lubrasil Ashland LLC
Lubrasil United-Guardian Inc.
Marlowet 5001 Sasol Germany GmbH
Matlake OPA Covasop Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Merguard 1105 Nalco Company
Mulberry Concentrate CEP (Solabia Group)
Nipaguard CMB Clariant Int., Ltd.
Nipaguard PDU Clariant Int., Ltd.
Nipanox S-1 Clariant Int., Ltd.
Normaseb PH Sederma
Normaseb normalizes sebaceous activity.
Nut extract water soluble Croda
Nympheline CEP (Solabia Group)
Oat Betaglucan Charkit Chemical Company, LLC.
Oligoceane PH Sederma
Oligoceane has nourishing and barrier repair benefits.
Optivegetol Cinnamon P110 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Optivegetol Green Tea P108 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Optivegetol Guarana P107 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Oxylastil PH Sederma
Oxylastil has cell oxygenation for an anti-aging efficacy.
Oxynex 2004 Merck KGaA
Paragon McIntyre Group Ltd.
Paragon G2 McIntyre Group Ltd.
Paragon II McIntyre Group Ltd.
Pearlagent GM 4175 Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH
Gives a homogeneous, fine, pearlescent shine to cosmetic products such as hair shampoos, bath...
PEL-SIL Q-80 Ele Corporation
Compatible with anionic surfactants, this unique quaternary silicone is ideal for use as a...
PG USP/EP Lyondell Chemical Company
Phytoderm Complex G Lipoid Kosmetik AG
A specially purified complex from licorice root; claims substantiation as an effective...
Pilinhib Veg LS 9109 BASF SE
Prodhy extracts Laboratoires ProdHyg
Propylene Glycol CAF International Corp.
Propylene glycol (57-55-6).
Propylene glycol Creative Fragrances LTD.
Propylene glycol The Dow Chemical Company
Propylene glycol Ikeda Corp.
Propylene glycol KIC Chemicals Inc.
Propylene glycol Norman, Fox & Co.
Propylene Glycol Rita Corp.
Propylene glycol Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp.
Propylene glycol Universal Preserv-a-chem Inc.
Propylene glycol Vivion Inc.
Propylene Glycol USP Protameen Chemicals Inc.
Propylene Glycol USP Grade Allan Chemical Corporation
PW Covasop Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Reasun CEP (Solabia Group)
Rhizodermin LS 6277 BASF SE
Rice Phytolait Alban Muller USA
Salcare FP2 BASF SE
Schercoquat DAS-PG Quaternary Compound Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Schercoquat IAS-PG Quaternary Compound Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Schercoquat IIS Quaternary Compound Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Schercoquat SOAS-PG Quaternary Compound Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Schercoquat WOAS-PG Quaternary Compound Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Sea Rose Extract PG Draco Natural Products Inc.
Sea buckthorn and Rhodiola rosea extracts have been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity and, to...
Sebaryl FL LS 9088 BASF SE
Sharomix DMP Coast Southwest Inc.
Sharomix DMP II Sharon Laboratories Ltd.
Sharomix DMP II is a variant of Sharomix DMP which is recommended for emulsions of high oil content....
Sharomix ME16 Sharon Laboratories Ltd.
Parabens have proven to be both safe and extremely effective preservatives for combating yeasts and...
Sharonox 2000 Sharon Laboratories Ltd.
Sharonox 2000 is another ideal solution for personal care products requiring a broad-spectrum,...
Slimming Factor Karkade Lipoid Kosmetik AG
SMEC Concentrate #1 PF Lonza Home & Personal Care
Softisan Gel Sasol Germany GmbH
Solubilizer Symrise AG
Solubilizer with Propylene Glycol Symrise, Inc.
This nonionic solubilizer is a mixture of fatty alcohol polyglycolether and hydrogenated castor oil...
Standapol Pearl Conc 7130 BASF SE
Sulfochem B-221 OP Surfactant Blend Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Sulfochem B-221 is a versatile blended concentrate for personal care cleansing applications. The...
Sulfochem B-221 Surfactant Blend Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
Sulfochem B-221 is a versatile blended concentrate for personal care cleansing applications. The...
Suprem’Coco Mirabelle IFF/Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
SymCare W2 Symrise, Inc.
SymCare W2 is a ready-made, liquid, water-soluble solution for sensitive skin. For its development,...
Technobion BL LS 8407 BASF SE
TegoDeo CW 90 Evonik Industries AG
Highly effective odor absorber based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid; especially suitable for...
Tenox 20 Eastman Chemical Co.
Tenox 6 Eastman Chemical Co.
Tioveil AQ-G Croda
Trini Tea Draco Natural Products Inc.
Tristat D-2 TRI-K Industries
Umordant P Essencia, Aetherische Oele AG
Unicontrozon C-49 Givaudan Active Beauty
Plant-derived active ingredient complex for protecting the skin from damage by environmental...
Unigerm G-2 Givaudan Active Beauty
Uninontan U-34 Givaudan Active Beauty
Plant-based cosmetic active ingredient complex for tanning inhibition (skin lightener).
Vanirea CEP (Solabia Group)
Vecorexin Protective Centerchem Inc.
Vecorexin Protective is a paraben-free special delivery system which contains a selection of actives...
Vecorexin Protective Lipotec SA
Vecorexin Protective is a paraben-free special delivery system which contains a selection of actives...
Vegecel 13 Variati Srl
Vegeles Propolis BASF SE
This natural propolis extract is renowned for exhibiting moisturizing and anti-inflammatory...
Vegeles WP LS 8411 BASF SE
Vegetol Aloe GR198 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Alpine Veronica MCF792 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Anise ME158 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Ap Gr 048 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Apple GR294 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Arnica MCF1157 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Bearberry GR457 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Bilberry MCF1838 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Birch Tree MCF787 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Burdock MCF777 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Butcher's Broom GR089 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Calendula MCF774 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Colt's Foot MCF1391 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Common Nettle MCF801 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Cornflower MCF783 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Cp GR049 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Cress LC422 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Elder MCF1238 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Eucalyptus GR452 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Flowers MCF 1161 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Gentian MCF817 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Ginkgo Biloba LC416 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Ginseng GR471 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Grapefruit GR403 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Harpagophytum GR472 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Hawthorn MCF859 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Henna MCF1232 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Hibiscus GR235 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Honeysuckle GR115 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Hop MCF778 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Horse Chestnut MCF1972 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Horseradish MCF1191 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Horsetail MCF860 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Hp GR050 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Hydrocotyl GR040 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Ivy MCF775 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Jasmine GR151 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Juniper GR482 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Lavender MCF1484 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Lemon GR020 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Licorice GR456 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Lily MCF1968 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Linden MCF762 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Lotus ME169 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Lp GR223 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Mallow MCF784 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Marshmallow MCF770 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Matricaria MCF793 and ME106 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Milfoil MCF1327 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Myrtle GR288 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Nasturtium MCF1270 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Passionflower MCF773 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Peach Tree LC339 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Peony ME170 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Peppermint GR105 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Pine GR300 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Quillai GRO38 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Quinquina MCF1330 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Red Grapevine MCF1159 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Red Poppy GR106 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Red Quinquina GR013 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Roman Chamomile LC376 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Rosemary MCF772 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Rose MCF789 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Sage MCF776 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Saponaria LC386 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Seaweed CB4136 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Sp GR051 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol St John's Wort MCF786 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Sunflower ME177 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Sweet Clover GR436 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Tea LC412 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Thyme GR208 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Tomato GR207 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Tp GR052 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Ulmary LC383 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Walnut Tree MCF861 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol White Nettle MCF796 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Wild Pansy MCF790 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Wild Roseberry MCF1833 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Witch Hazel MCF2032 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Vegetol Yeast Lp GR223 Hydro Gattefossé SAS
Wheat Placenta COS Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Wheat Placenta COS PF Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Highly active concentrate of wheat bran; plant-derived alternative to foetal calf serum; claims...
White Covasop W9775 Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Yellow Covasop W1771 Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
Related Cosmetic Formulas
Anti-acne Face Wash Stepan Company
Full-coverage Facial Cream Amerchol Corp.
This o/w facial cream with an SPF 28 provides full-spectrum UV coverage. It is a cream with...
Hair Color Protection Mousse (6% VOC) Nouryon
This 6% VOC mousse has styling, conditioning and hair color protection properties. It also contains...
Humidity Resistant Smoothing and Straightening Cream Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
This product is designed to smooth and straighten naturally curly or wavy hair without harsh...
Light Tan Lotion Centerchem Inc.
This sunless tanning lotion has sun-protection and moisturizing properties.
Low pH Exfoliating Lotion Nouryon
This moisturizing formula exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin and has a unique conditioning after...
Silky Body Lotion Penreco Personal Care Products
This lotion has a luxuriously light and silky feel.
Two-step, Low-odor Hair Color Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.
This hair coloring agent consists of two formulations (see separate procedures for A-C and D-H,...
UV Protection Brightening Lotion Nouryon
Daily use of this lotion brightens skin and removes dark spots and blemishes to provide a more...
Whitening Sun Care Lotion Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
This flowable, whitening sun care lotion illustrates the use of a polymer to provide effective...
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