CAS #: 25322-68-3 2532268

Cosmetic Ingredient Review: FNL

Solubility: 11.34

EINECs: 225-856-4

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Afron 22 Vevy Europe Spa
Bio-Bustyl PH Sederma
Bio-Bustyl is a bust and body firming complex.
Biopeptide EL Sederma
Biopeptide EL is a chemotactic fragment of elastin that firms and restores skin's elasticity.
Botanipearl EGMS Botanigenics Inc.
Carbossalina Vevy Europe Spa
Carbowax PEG 400 The Dow Chemical Company
Ceramide A2 PH Sederma
Ceramide A2 reinforces hair sheath. It protects and repairs hair from chemical aggressions.
Covacream Sensient Cosmetic Technologies
NP Divatonyl Sederma
Divatonyl is a regulator of cell growth and sebum flow that refines skin texture and reduces...
Lipocare Sederma
Lipocare's three-way slimming action reduces "orange peel" appearance of skin, increases skin...
Lipo Polyglycol 400 Vantage Specialty Ingredients
Lipoxol 400 MED Sasol Germany GmbH
Lipoxol 400 MED Sasol Germany GmbH
LUMULSE PEG-400 Lambent Technologies, a Division of Petroferm Inc.
Melibion Vevy Europe Spa
Moist 24 Sederma
This complex has Imperata cylindrica extract to provide 24-hour moisture and cell hydration.
Osmopur Sederma
Osmopur normalizes sebaceous activity.
Oxynex K Liquid EMD Chemicals Inc.-RONA Cosmetic Business Unit
Oxynex K Liquid Merck KGaA
PEG-8 American International Chemical Inc.
PEG-8 Universal Preserv-a-chem Inc.
Pleurimincyl Sederma
Medicinal Chinese plant activating lipolysis
Pluracare E 400 BASF AG
Polyglykol 400 Clariant Int., Ltd.
Prochem 400 Protameen Chemicals Inc.
Protachem 400 Protameen Chemicals Inc.
Resassol FV Kinetik Technologies
Liquid solubilizing system, clear at room temperature, specific for vitamin E and essential oils...
Resassol RM Kinetik Technologies
Solubilizing system for vegetal oils (HLB~14.3)
SanSurf Scavenol Oil Engelhard Corp.
Solarproof PSG Engelhard Corp.
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Antiaging Face Mask Phoenix Chemical Inc.
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