CAS #: 9050-36-6 905036

EINECs: 232-940-4

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Acerola Secrets Gattefossé SAS
Actiwhite PW LS 9860 BASF SE
Actiwhite offers a different mechanism compared to traditional direct tyrosinase inhibition....
AGENAMALT 20.233 Agrana Staerke GmbH
organic maltodextrin
AgenaMalt 20.235 Agrana Staerke GmbH
Organic maltodextrin
Aloe Vera Powder Freeze Dried Decolorized 40X Terry Laboratories LLC
Aloe Vera Powder SC100 Southern Cross Botanicals Pty. Ltd.
Aloe Vera Powder SC200 Southern Cross Botanicals Pty. Ltd.
Aloe Vera Powder SC50 Southern Cross Botanicals Pty. Ltd.
Arganyl PW LS 9830 BASF SE
Arganyl PW LS 9830 is Ecocert approved. It acts against MMPs and collagenase. In addition, it...
Argatensyl PW BIO LS 9902 BASF SE
This material is certified organic by Ecocert. Benefits include: an immediate tightening effect, and...
Beracare LPFF Beraca Sabará Químicos e Ingredientes Ltda.
CellActive-Form Rahn AG
This product provides improved skin elasticity in the cleavage area, firms the breast and smoothes...
Colla-Gain Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Colla-Gain is a pomegranate flower-derived two-component-based active ingredient that on the one...
CustoGaia Coconut Milk Powder Custom Ingredients, Inc.
CustoGaia Coconut Milk Powder is the dried coconut milk from the meat of coconuts. This product...
Densorphin Mibelle Biochemistry
The anti-aging ingredient stimulates the activities of β-endorphin—the body’s own happy molecule—and...
Depolluphane Mibelle Biochemistry
The ingredient has various benefits including activating the detoxification system, shielding skin...
Dermagenist BASF Corporation
DN-AGE PW PSE LS 9827 is Ecocert approved. It protects the nuclear DNA against UVB, protects the...
Egyptyl LS 9591 BASF SE
Egyptyl LS 9591 is an extract of germinated wheat (triticum vulgare) obtained from organic farming....
Eperuline PW BASF Corporation
An Eperua Falcata Bark Extract, prevents inflammaging.
Epigenist BASF SE
Epigenist (INCI: Voandzeia Subterranea Seed Extract (and) Maltodextrin) demonstrates a new unique...
Extrapone Acai Symrise, Inc.
Extrapone Acai is an aqueous glycolic extract. Extrapone products are soluble in water, easy and...
Farmal MD 15 Ingredion Inc.
Farnesol Powder Symrise AG
Edelweiss LipoHerbasec Lipoid Kosmetik AG

LipoHerbasec represents a new series of dry botanical extracts, embedded in a unique matrix of...

HerbaShield URB Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Honey Sun Flower ROELMI HPC SRL
Honey Sun Flower is an after sun exposure ingredient. It shows: good capacity to modulate...
Liporeductyl CPK Lipotec SA
Liporeductyl is a unique new solution to the problem of fighting cellulite. Unlike previous...
LIPOREDUCTYL functional ingredient Lipotec USA, Inc.
This pro-liposome was manufactured as a multi-extrusion composite of classical anti-cellulite...
Maltodextrin Corn Products U.S.
Maltodextrin Formulator Sample Shop, LLC
Maltodextrin Vivion Inc.
Maltrin Grain Processing Corporation
MAXnolia Mibelle Biochemistry
MAXnolia is a water-dispersible active powder based on magnolia bark extract. Magnolia bark contains...
Melactiva Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
This Tan Accelerator: • Accelerates the apparition of a natural tan • Enhances tan intensity •...
Neo Actipone Acai Symrise, Inc.
Neo Actipone Acai is a preservative free powder, based on a hydroalcoholic extraction of Euterpe...
Neo Actipone Green Tea Symrise, Inc.
Neo Actipone Green Tea is an extract. It offers a number of cosmetic benefits, including anti-aging,...
Neo Actipone Organic Rooibos Symrise, Inc.
Neo Actipone Rooibos is a preservative free powder containing the spray-dried extract of organic...
Neo Extrapone Organic Camomile Symrise AG
Neo Extrapone Organic Green Tea Symrise AG
Neo Extrapone Organic Linden Blossom Symrise AG
Neo Extrapone Organic Rooibos Symrise AG
Pangenine Lolium ROELMI HPC SRL
This rich pool of nutritive active principles is indispensable to develop a new life. It is...
Papaya Secrets Gattefossé SAS
PhytoTerra Mate Lonza Home & Personal Care
PhytoTerra Organic Maté, also called Brazilian Green Tea or Tea of Life, is offered in a...
Purisoft LS 9836 BASF SE
Purisoft LS 9836 is a peptide obtained by extraction of the seeds of Moringa oleifera in an...
Rooibos Herbasec MPE Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Dry powder extract of rooibos acts as a free radical scavenger, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory...
RoyalEpigen P5 Mibelle Biochemistry
RoyalEpigen P5 is a new and biologically-active Peptide that activates skin regeneration and glow....
Sebuless Sederma
This purifying seboregulator mattifies the complexion and fades inflammatory blemishes. It reduces...
SensAmone P5 Mibelle Biochemistry
Snow Algae Powder Mibelle Biochemistry
With Snow Algae Powder, Mibelle Biochemistry is offering an anti-aging treatment that is based on a...
SWT-7 H Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
This ingredient: • Resurfaces skin and blurs vertical wrinkles after only 7 days • Provides a...
SWT-7 H Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
Self-regenerative stem cell technology • Resurfaces skin and blurs vertical wrinkles after only 7...
SymMatrix Symrise AG
SymMatrix provides a multilevel protection against premature skin aging. It has a high efficacy,...
Tego Cistus Evonik Industries AG
To protect skin against environmental stress, Evonik launches TEGO Cistus. This latest active is a...
Terry-Dry Freeze Dried or Spray Dried Aloe Vera Powders Terry Laboratories LLC
Vari-Silk 100 MD Variati Srl
Silk hydrolyzate having moisturizing, film forming and conditioning properties
Vin-upLift Mibelle Biochemistry
Vin-upLift is a unique tightening ingredient that is based on Swiss ice wine combined with a vegetal...
Vit A Like PW LS 9898 BASF SE
This product is a botanical alternative to retinol with a comparable mechanism of action and...
Whitessence Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
This Skin-lightening Concentrate: • Lightens skin after 2 months • Decreases dark spot intensity...
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Shaving Cream Corn Products U.S.
This formula utilizes natural foaming ingredients to impart softness and moisturizer.
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