Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

CAS #: 65381-09-1 6538109

Cosmetic Ingredient Review: 001

JCIC: 111164

EINECs: 265-724-3

Hydrophil Lipophil Balance: 8-11

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Concentrated fluid emulsion, diluted by cold processing; base formulation for wet wipes
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Endimat 33V Coast Southwest Inc.
Endimulse 33V is a food grade, medium chain triglyceride that is prepared by esterification of...
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Endimulse 33V Coast Southwest Inc.
This product is a vegetable-based C8-10 triglyceride.
G Block DZ 370 CCT Applechem Inc.
GC40S4 Kobo Products Inc.
As a sunscreen agent, attenuation grade titanium dioxide with much smaller primary particle sizes...
GCP50ZSI Kobo Products Inc.
Zinc oxide is used in cosmetics as a skin protectant and for UV attenuation. They are grades of...
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Non-greasy, natural emollient that provides a silky skin feel
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Sasol's Miglyol neutral oils are clear, slightly yellowish esters of saturated coconut and palm...
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Miglyol Gel B Sasol Germany GmbH
Miglyol Gel T Sasol Germany GmbH
Myritol 312 BASF SE
Myritol 318 BASF SE
NanoCacao Mibelle Biochemistry
NanoCacao is a lipophilic fraction of cocoa beans encapsulated in a nano-emulsion. The product is...
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This highly purified oil base for cosmetics is a good solvent for poorly soluble substances. In...
NovaMed Camomile Extra ws Croda
NovaPur ZI CAO ws, os Croda
NovaRom Rosemary Oil forte Croda
NovoRetin Mibelle Biochemistry
NovoRetin is the natural alternative to retinol. Based on mastic, which is an aromatic resin from...
Ocea Defence Biosil Technologies
Ocea Defence is new marine approach to regulate the level of tolerance of sensitive and vulnerable...
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This high efficiency rheology modifier provides instant stabilization and emulsification properties...
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Oxynex L Liquid EMD Chemicals Inc.-RONA Cosmetic Business Unit
Oxynex ST Liquid EMD Chemicals Inc.-RONA Cosmetic Business Unit
Palmester MCT KLK OLEO
Superb colour & odour makes it a good emollient for cosmetics & toiletries. Non-greasy...
Pelemol CCT Phoenix Chemical Inc.
Phosal 50 SA + Phospholipid GmbH
Phosal 53 MCT Phospholipid GmbH
Phytessence Margosa Croda
This plant extract, based on Ayurvedic healing, provides anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and...
Phytessence Urucum Croda
Phytessence Urucum is an antioxidant that contains tocotrienols that can penetrate the skin much...
Polasperse CSI Croda
Formulate for the Asian consumer with this quick-breaking emulsion base. This cold process...
Polasperse QBE Croda Europe Ltd.
This cold Process O/W emulsifier can create non-tacky, light emulsions that give a cooling sensation...
PoreTect Sederma
ProBarrier CLR CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH
ProBarrier CLR creates a persistent, but non-occlusive film on the skin, an extra layer of...
Protachem CTG Protameen Chemicals Inc.
Redens'In Soliance
ReniStar BASF AG
Renovage Sederma
Renovage delasy the skin's functional and structural aging.
Resconcept A-2 Kinetik Technologies
Concentrated fluid emulsion; cost effective ingredient with excellent sensorial properties
Retinol 10 CM BASF AG
Retinol 10s BASF AG
RetiSTAR Stabilized Retinol BASF AG
Scavenol Oil Engelhard Corp.
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This product is a naturally aromatic extract with a mild, fresh scent.
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Sensiques are naturally fragranced botanical extracts that work to impart light, fresh scent to...
Sensique Peppermint TRI-K Industries
This product is a naturally aromatic extract with a mild, fresh scent.
Serenityl Ashland LLC
Condurango extract for skin detoxination, oxygenation and wellness
ShapePerfection Mibelle Biochemistry
ShapePerfection is a liposoluble anti-cellulite slimming active ingredient that is based on a...
SLM 2038 Lipoid Kosmetik AG
Smartvector UV Coletica SA
Solaveil AT-300 Croda
Solaveil CT-300 Croda Europe Ltd.
This UV filter is a dispersion of hydrophobic titanium dioxide in a naturally derived carrier oil....
Solaveil XT-300 Croda
Titanium dioxide dispersion in a naturally derived carrier oil, ideal for natural sun care...
Sucragel CF Kinetik Technologies
Emulsifier and oil thickener for esters and non-polar oils
SymBronze 1659 Symrise, Inc.
SymBronze 1659 is a natural ingredient from microalgae; a sustainable and renewable source. It is a...
SymDecanox HA Symrise AG
This new generation of antioxidants is a nature-identical compound; the ingredient is found in...
SymDecanox HA Symrise, Inc.
SymDecanox HA is a powerful topical and cellular antioxidant with additional anti-irritant and...
SymHair Shape and Color Symrise, Inc.
SymHair Shape & Color is an oil-soluble, synergistic combination of wheat bran extract and...
SymHair Shape & Color Symrise AG
This sculpting and chromatic defender synergistically combines wheat extract and camellia oil,...
Synscrub 164BRS Micro Powders, Inc.
This 20-mesh biodegradable synthetic wax bead has added lakes and iron oxides for brown coloration...
TCR Industries TCR Industries
Tegosoft CT Evonik Industries AG
Cosmetic ester with properties similar to natural triglycerides but with a pleasant skin feel;...
Tioveil TG Croda
Tioveil TGOP Croda
Tixogel CCT 6030 Sud-Chemie Rheologicals
Ultraspheres 5409 Lipoid GmbH
Ultraspheres 6100 Lipoid GmbH
Ultraspheres 8009 Lipoid GmbH
Unispheres WNRM-665VSBi Givaudan Active Beauty
This new generation of Unispheres is based on a unique technology to create new metamorphosis...
UV Cut TiO2-55-CG Grant Industries Inc.
UV Cut TiO2-55-CG is a 55% dispersion of ultrafine titanium dioxide in caprlyic/capric triglyceride....
UV Cut ZnO-68-CG Grant Industries Inc.
UV Cut ZnO-68-CG is a 68% dispersion of ultrafine ZnO in ester oil with superb smooth feel and...
Wonderlight Sederma
Wonderlight helps decrease hyperpigmentation accentuated by age and stress including lentigines,...
Xperse 201 EverZinc
ZnO dispersions that deliver good transparency and superior UVA/B protection
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Antiwrinkle Cream DKSH North America, Inc.
This cream was tested and shown to reduce wrinkles by an average of 34% and decrease skin roughness...
Facial Lotion Corn Products U.S.
This moisturizing lotion has good spreadability and a soft feel. It includes ingredients to...
Foundation with Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 15 The Hallstar Company
This formula yields a foundation with broad-spectrum protection by using polymeric sunscreen...
Mild Moisturizing Foundation Ajinomoto North America, Inc.
This foundation provides mildness, soft focus, spreadability, lubricity and deep moisturizing...
Moisturizing Body Butter Penreco Personal Care Products
This rich butter offers lasting moisturizing benefits.
Sunny Glow Self-Tanner Dow Corning Corp.
This cream (1125) contains self-tanning actives and imparts a shimmering effect on the skin with a...
Sunscreen Lotion Stepan Company
This w/o lotion uses two sunscreen agents for added protection while providing a nice after feel.
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